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The views of San Francisco and the Bay are spectacular from the many trails in Mt.Tamalpais State Park.
Two girls looking for crabs at sunset in low tide, with the foggy hills of Sausalito in the background.
2600 ft. Mt. Tamalpais is a State Park, with 6300 acres of redwood groves and oak woodlands...and 200 miles of biking/hiking trails. Mountain Biking was invented on these trails in the 1970s.
In 1873, Dr. John Cushing dammed the creek to create a swimming hole for guests at his Health Resort in Blithedale Canyon.
John Thomas Reed built the lumber mill in 1834. He needed a circular saw, so he traded with the Russians at Ft. Ross, giving them 300 elk skins, 20 bear skins, and 200 cattle hides.
Behind the grasses in Hauke Park, a waterway leads to Richardson's Bay and on to San Francisco Bay.
The bridge looks elegant, but the real beauty, constantly changing, is the ebb and flow of the tides in the wetlands.
Mill Valley has a long tradition of volunteers working to protect its natural bounties, making Mill Valley a uniquely beautiful place to live.
In 1902, for example, the spirited women of the Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club organized to halt the destruction of a downtown redwood grove. Development stopped. Miller Grove, one block from City Hall, was saved for future generations.
Also known as The Great Beach, this beautiful expanse of 10 miles of undeveloped ocean beach is 25 miles north of Mill Valley (as the crow flies).