gallery - italy
This is the Men's Social Club in Sorrento, Italy. A wonderful place where the guys can hangout, just be themselves and enjoy each other.
In Torres, Italy the beach is different. High cliffs on ocean. There is an elevator to the beach. You change in a small locker, then jump in off the pier into the water.
Sitting around with sunset against the apartment building.
This is a high risk hotel in Caserta, Italy. Ann and I avoided it.
Fashion is thoughtful in Italy, although the unemployment rate for 15 to 24-year-olds in Italy is 44%.
Siesta still happens in southern Italy. This is 3:00p on a gorgeous September day in the town square. Windows shuttered. People sleeping. Dogs sleeping. Stores closed. Late lunch is not possible.
The beach in Positano is mostly private, so you pay $15 for a chair and umbrella. The day we went, someone died in the water (heart attack) 50 feet away. 45 minutes trying to revive him.
Beach view, from the cliffs above.
A town where people lived in caves, for thousands of years. They were abandoned around 1950.
A group shopping together with street vendor.