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Edinburgh Castle is home of the One O'Clock Gun, which is fired daily at precisely 1 p.m. to provide an accurate check for watches and clocks around town.
Many downtown streets are closed to autos, creating beautiful walkways through the ancient buildings.
In 1651 the Scottish Crown Jewels were hidden here for safety during Cromwell's invasion. After an eight-month seige, Dunnottar Castle was captured. The jewels were sneaked out at night and saved, but the Castle never recovered from the damage and was not inhabited again.

Clan Campbell had their ancestral seat on this 24-mile-long lake (loch) in the Argyll region.
This is low tide at one of the most photographed castles in the world. In 1719, Donan castle was destroyed by three English frigates. After 200 years in ruin, it was rebuilt and looks magnificent today.
One of my favorite shots. Ann and I hiked a half-mile through mud and rain to catch this afternoon view of the setting sun. Glen Coe is home to the mighty MacDonald Clan.
Described as the "most awe-inspiring prehistoric site in Scotland", the Ring of Brodgar was built around 2500 BC. Today, 27 of the original 60 stones still stand.
Abandoned stone buildings, a common site on the Isle of Skye.
Note the stairs carved in the rock at right. Local Scottish photographer Jake Brown took us to this spectacular setting, once used for ancient Druid gatherings.
40,000 rounds of golf are played each year on the Old Course ($230 a day). Half of the tee-off times are held for locals and visitors. The rest are allocated by a draw at 4 p.m. the day before tee-off.