gallery - moab
Daredevil photographer Robin Braunfeld takes chances at the rim overlooking the Green River.
A quick-moving rain storm had just passed, and the color photographers were shooting the gorgeous rainbow in the background. They got the rainbow, but missed the impact of black/white.
This is sunrise in Canyonlands National Park. The rock formation in the distant center is called Washer Woman.
This is Arches National Park, where the sandy earth is so fragile visitors are asked not to walk off the trails.
These rocks in Arches evoke formations in Arches evoke a feeling of large city skyscrapers, so the formation is called Park Avenue, as in New York City.
The clouds and the weeds complement each other.
I almost fell hiking up one of these arches to take a photo, and it really wasn't a very good photo anyway.
Sunrise in Arches National Park with the formation called Three Gossips in the distance.
Through the "Window Arch" you can see the "Turret Arch".
Paul runs the Bedrock General Store on the Colorado side of Utah-Colorado border south of Moab. (photo NFS)