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This is actually Prague, but too good to leave out of the new gallery.
Seafood is the second largest industry in Norway, behind oil....which makes Norway the richest (per capita) country in the world.
Oslo has a park with 227 bronze and granite sculptures by a single artist...Gustav Vigeland. It covers 80 acres in the heart of the city.
Found on a wall by the port downtown.
Sixteen Stavanger girls aged thirteen.
Did you know Norway was occupied by 500,000 Germans in WW2? Here in Bergen harbor, a ship loaded with 100 tons of dynamite exploded in 1943. A water pillar 1,000 feet high spread parts of the ship around like an umbrella. This destroyed 5,000 homes and killed 150.
Alesund is as far north as Anchorage, Alaska. This photo was taken at 10:30p at night late May.
A taditional Norwegian graduation ritual is called the RUSS. Students wear colored overalls (no changing)from May 1st to May 17th, the National Day. Party hardy.
In Oslo, everyone dresses up in their finest traditional clothes to watch school kids, soldiers, and marching bands parade up to the Royal Palace where the King and Queen wave from the balcony.
Heath Ledger on the right in May 17th Parade.
May wildflowers in the fjord region near Stryn.
Built in 1881 in Odda, the historic Hardanger Hotel is managed by third generation son Ole Melkeraaen. Kings of Europe once stayed there.

Gorgeous location on the fjord called Hardangerfjord.

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Our favorite hotel in Norway.