gallery - bhutan people
Selling apples by the road-side. Hanging from strings is dried Yak cheese.
School starts in a few minutes.
Gasa is a remote district on the border with Tibet. Each year in Spring, they have a three day festival featuring dancing, drums, and horns.
Drinks and snacks and a smile.
With archery as the national sport, marksmen compete with darts at a festival.
Everyone wears their finest clothes to the three day festival.
Layap women wear a conical hat, made out of darkened bamboo strips. The conical hat ends with a sharp point to the sky.
The government of Bhutan requires all men to wear the Gho if they work in a government office or school. Men are also required to wear the Gho on formal occasions, like a festival.
Built in 1499, Ngawang Choegyel monastery was blessed by the "Divine Madman" the maverick saint Drukpa Kunley. Monks begin training as young as four years old.
Each wheel rotation sends out blessings to all sentient beings, and rings a bell.
Children happily pose for pictures, and enjoy seeing their images on the camera screen.
Telling a good story.