gallery - san juan mountains
This is a private ranch in western Colorado, a great location photographer Kevin Westerlund scouted out on a trip. You can see his color work at
September in Telluride, Colorado.
Aspen grove near Ouray, Colorado.
There's a thin coat of ice on the lake (11,000-ft. elevation) at sunrise in September.
Ever heard of Black Canyon NP? It is thousands of feet deep, and hundreds of feet wide. As a result, the ever present shadows make photography near impossible. No wonder it isn't well known.
Old ranch in the San Juan Mountains at 10,000 ft.
Pumpkins at a roadside farmer's market.
Paul asked Rose to join him for a family portrait in their Bedrock store, which is the oldest continually operated business in Colorado (they say).
September sunrise in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado.