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Bay of Virgins in Marquises Islands. Near the equator, the ocean water is 84 degrees, warmest in the world.
At Bay of Virgins, you can hike up mountains behind the bay for a photo from above.
Look isolated? Up in mountains above Bay of Virgins on Fata Hiva Island. The entire island of Fata Hiva is 33 square miles, and 10 degrees south of Equator. Population was 587 in 2007.
A 40 minute climb up to a ridge offered this view.
On the high seas.
Look closely at the kids. Little rascal.
Think these guys enjoy their day job?
The legend is this massive ancient Banyan Tree is sacred. Generations of warriors performed the traditional "Pig Dance" in ceremonies beneath this Banyan Tree.
This is a 3 month old on the ship. It was family celebration of his great Auntie's 90th birthday.
Two cranes were used on the Freighter. Sailors and the Crane Operator used ropes and chains to move thousands of pounds from ship to shore. Careful work.
On a freighter, the Crane Operator is highly skilled and respected. He moves tons of material with precision over the heads of friends on the deck below.
The freighter Aranui 3 arrives in port every three weeks. The weather is always warm.
Ann and I traveled around Marquises Islands two weeks and 3,000 miles on this freighter - Aranui 3. It was French, and so was the food
Grown men in Marquises Islands were really camera shy. Young boys, not even. Think their genes say "warrior"?
In Marquises, there are no lagoons. Rough ocean against the shore, most places. Still beautiful.
Some harbors were shallow. The Aranui crew used small boats to take passengers to shore.