gallery - napa harvest
Vineyards are large gardens, where there is an occasional Deere.
By November, only a few grapes are left to harvest at Summers Winery in Napa Valley. These are award winning estate Charbono grapes. Visit their webisite and order their wine at
The 27-foot high fan wasn't needed this year since the first frost didn't arrive until November.
Afternoon sun on the winery at Tubbs Lane in Calistoga, a very active geothermal area in California. One mile down the road is an Old Faithful type Geyser that regularly blows water and steam hundreds of feet in the air.
Grapes are slowly pulled into the crusher, so that any spoiled grapes are removed by hand to keep the highest quality wine.
Here is a simple explanation of what you see: The machine on the left has just separated the crushed grape juice from the skins (after the grapes soaked for three weeks) and the small pump in the middle is moving the juice to the large tank inside the building (at right).
With night temperatures in the 30's , the cloth wrapping on the tank base is necessary to keep the grape juice warm.
Ignacio Blancas and the winemaking crew.
Five minutes after the crush, Cabernet Sauvigon juice is pink in color and very sweet.