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With groups of sperm whales feeding offshore, fishing boats and whale watching boats go out every day, weather permitting.
The resort island of Tairua, “where time and tide wait for everyone.”
Marlborough, the wine-making region on South Island, is world famous for Sauvignon Blanc.
Many compare the capital of New Zealand with San Francisco: steep hills, cable cars, bay views, and great restaurants.
The longest river in New Zealand is the mighty Waikato. You can take a dinner cruise on a paddle steamer boat.
The correct NZ pronunciation of this wine region is “Mar-bro”.
The sheep industry continues as a mainstay in New Zealand. Different breeds include: Merino, Romney, Lincoln, and Shropshire
There's enough natural volcanic thermal steam in the country to support large developments of electricity generation plants.
In summer, small boats called “punts” populate the Avon River. Boatmen use long poles to propel their riders through the old English town.